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At Samtos Samoyed, breeding is a VERY important task and we do not take it lightly. It takes a lot of time to figure out what works best when it comes to pedigree - from determining which female is best for any given male and not crossing faults, to ensuring that the next generation of dogs remain healthy. First and foremost we breed for ourselves, and do so only occasionally, as we have full-time work.

We are pleased to contribute to and carry forward this beautiful breed along with many other reputable breeders who have worked really hard, and have dedicated their lives to preserve the breed.

Each and every breeding process is a result of many hours of dedication and endless studying. After all, it is not about the number of dogs we produce a year, but the quality of the dogs we produce.

I am dedicated to producing beautiful, healthy and most importantly, well-tempered Samoyeds. Our dogs are part of our family. The puppies and dogs are all home-raised with lots of love and attention. We are committed to providing support for the entire life of the dog and believe that a well-loved dog is a well-socialized dog.

The same dedication and effort we apply to our breeding program are also applied to finding homes for our puppies. A dog is a LIFETIME commitment and we make sure that its new family is fully aware.

Although we love and cherish the breed, we understand that this is not a breed for everyone. Samoyeds requires regular grooming and can shed heavily.

Before breeding takes place, we ensure that the parents have been thoroughly checked and tested. This includes having their eyes and hips examined and cleared. Also, the puppies are examined and receives their first set of shots by our Vet prior to arriving at their new homes. We reserve the right to pick the first puppy in any litter as our "pick of the litter".

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of our litters or for referrals. Because we are one of the very few Samoyed Breeders in Ontario we work closely with many other reputable Samoyed breeders in Ontario as well across Canada and the US.

Please check our Nursery Page for more information on upcoming Samoyed Puppy litters.




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