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We are located in Scarborough, Ontario in a house nestled on the edge of the Birkdale Ravine, just 30 minutes from Toronto, Ontario. Our love of dogs and in particular, the Samoyed breed began over twenty years ago with the adoption of a stray Samoyed, Trixie from Toronto's Humane Society. Trixie had all of the hallmarks of the beautiful Samoyed breed including a gentle and happy temperament, unwavering devotion and of course, the famous Samoyed smile.

Since then, the family has grown and now consists of our first Samoyed (Bailey) and two champion Samoyeds (DJ and Portia); each of whom have given us immense joy.

On my amazing journey within the Dog Show world I have been inspired to show and breed Samoyeds and have already participated in many competitions in Canada and internationally. Along the way, I have met many fantastic friends and mentors in the breeding and dog show community who have strengthened my understanding not only of the breeding process in general but also of these majestic and beautiful dogs.
This site will be where I document my journey into the world of Samoyed breeding and of course, where I post shamelessly proud pictures of our growing canine family! 

Our Dogs
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